About the CPPS at Tsukuba

Concept of the CPPS at Tsukuba

Every day and in every age, human societies have faced unique problems. Yet there has always been that “someone” offering solutions that allowed us to overcome all kinds of societal problems. We can live happily today, thanks to those “someones.”

At the CPPS at Tsukuba, we want our students to join those “someones.” This is why the CPPS at Tsukuba has been—for more than 40 years—developing individuals who understand the mechanisms of societal issues from scientific and objective perspectives, and who propose new and better social systems.

The societal issues you face, and will face, are not limited to those taking place at this very moment, such as the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the euro crisis, and measures against the strong yen. They include a variety of currently unknown societal issues that will occur during your lifetimes, in the future.

No matter what societal issues arise in the future, you can become the “someone” who opens up a new era.

The CPPS at Tsukuba is a place where you can turn such a dream into reality.