Special Selection of Working Individuals Examination

Applicants who are currently employed may apply for the Examination for Currently Employed Applicants.

Eligibility for admission To have worked or will have worked full-time or part-time at a company, a government office or an education related organization for at least one year (homemaking experience is accepted).

Early Completion Programs for employed specialists at the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering

Doctoral Programs at the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, the University of Tsukuba offers a special scheme to support working adult students who wish to complete the degree program in fast-track. In the fast-track scheme, candidates may seek (but not necessarily guaranteed) to complete the doctoral program in one year while the standard term is three years. The fact-track scheme is exclusively designed to offer the best opportunities to working adult students who already have a certain academic publications and research ability to efficiently shorten the program term to one year.

Eligibility Working adults who have academic publications in a research area covered by the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering and wish to receive a fast-track coursework doctoral degree.
Coursework review for the Early Completion Program candidates

The coursework review is to be processed between the announcement of admission examination result and the due date of admission registration. Details of the application are enclosed in the announcement of successful examination result.

* Details regarding the fast-track scheme are available on the following websites (only in Japanese).

Early Completion Program Information: the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering

Applicants who wish to participate in this Early Completion Program should contact and consult with their desired supervisor regarding the matter prior to document submission and web entry.