2020 Asian Conference in Regional Science
Full Paper

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  1. Ragdad Cani Miranti and Carlos Mendez
    Human Development Dynamics across Districts of Indonesia: A Study of Regional Convergence and Spatial Approach. [PDF]

  2. Siyuan Huang and Panda Su
    Research on financing Constraints and Business Environment of Tourism management. [PDF]

  3. Panda Su
    Spatial Boundary Identification and Influencing Factors of Catering Service Market. [PDF]

  4. Tomohiro Kitamura
    Long-run Impact of Track Improvements on Railroad Track Maintenance Cost: Distributed Lag Model Approach. [PDF]

  5. Takara Kunimi and Hajime Seya
    Extracting the geographical extent of the benefited area by a transportation project using a generalized synthetic control method. [PDF]

  6. Makoto Okumura, Tomoki Yoshida and Huseyin Tirtom
    Optimization network structure of intercity passenger transportation considering cost sharing schemes. [PDF]

  7. Jianjun Chen, Yixin Shen and Jie Huang
    Digital economy, total factor productivity and new drivers of industrial upgrading in the Yangtze river delta region. [PDF]

  8. Dan Zheng, Minjun Shi and Rui Pang
    Agglomeration Economies and Environmental Regulatory Competition: Evidence from China. [PDF]

  9. Ryosuke Matsumoto
    Estimating the Price Elasticity of Local Train Higher-Class Car Demand with Regression Discontinuity Design: Evidence from Green-Car in Tokyo. [PDF]

  10. Eri Krismiyaningsih and Fikri Zul Fahmi
    Systematic Literature Review on the Resilience of Creative Industries in the Face of Disaster Risks. [PDF]

  11. Daisuke Murakami and Yu Ichifuji
    Analyzing hotel price and occupancy with low rank spatial econometric models. [PDF]

  12. Feixiang Sun, Fenghua Wen, Hang Yang and Lachang Lv
    Does compact cities impact on COVID-19 Pandemic? - City-level study in China. [PDF]

  13. Cheng Chin Huang and Katsuya Sakai
    Departure time choice equilibrium under second-best pricing with untolled substitutes: Expansion to general network with single-bottleneck routes. [PDF]

  14. Hee-Soo Hwang, Jung Eun Kang, Jihye Ha and Seong Gon Moon
    Analysis of Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Urban Heat Island and Urban Pollution Island. [PDF]

  15. Ji Yoon Lee, Ah Hyeon Dong, Seong Gon Moon and Jung Eun Kang
    Land erosion damage due to rising sea levels in Busan―A metropolitan city. [PDF]

  16. Pimonwat Wannapong and Katsuya Sakai
    Parking Policy Based on Departure Time and Parking Choices Equilibrium Model with Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram. [PDF]

  17. Mitsuhiko Kataoka
    Cyclical shocks and spatial association of Indonesia’s district-level per capita income. [PDF]

  18. Shota Fujishima, Tadao Hoshino and Shinya Sugawara
    Heterogeneous Treatment Effects of a Place-based Policy: Which Cities Should be Targeted?. [PDF]

  19. Kangzhe Ding and Ryo Itoh
    The impact of the admission restriction policy on the housing market in Shanghai. [PDF]

  20. Kiyoshi Yonemoto
    An Empirical Test of Reference Dependent Preference Using Migration Data. [PDF]

  21. Kakuya Matsushima and Yuki Takeuchi

  22. Si Chen and Chao Zhang
    Quality of place, Space spillover effect and urban innovation. [PDF]

  23. Xiao Zhang and Tongping Li
    Research on Regional Imbalance of Labor Productivity in China. [PDF]

  24. Jinhui Xiong, Deyi Xu and Dongbei Bai
    Labor inter-industry configuration and economic growth in China. [PDF]

  25. Chia-Nung Li and Yi-Kai Hsieh
    Walking Environment on the importance of Disadvantaged Group Around Mass Transit? [PDF]

  26. Heejin Kim
    The Effect of Local Public Investment on Local Housing Prices and Structures. [PDF]

  27. Yuki Otsu
    Sanctuary Cities and Crime. [PDF]

  28. Kazushi Matsuo and Morito Tsutsumi
    The impacts of change in family patterns on the rental housing. [PDF]

  29. Junyan Ouyang and Yoshiaki Ohsawa
    Why Rideshare Fell Flat in Local Japan −Analytical Model Considering Locations of Drivers and Passengers−. [PDF]

  30. Kosaka Makoto, Yoshiaki Ohsawa and Junyan Ouyang
    Implementation of Toyota’s e-Palette Mobility System to Develop Data-driven Optimization of Transportation Networks. [PDF]

  31. Liqian Yu
    The Analysis of tourism direct contribution to Shandong’s economy ――Based on Tourism Satellite Account. [PDF]

  32. Dai Zhong, Kazuki Tamura and Yoshiaki Ohsawa
    Analysis on Aggregation Bias of Travelling Distance on Network using Crofton’s Formula. [PDF]

High School Student Sessions
Extended Abstract

Session 1: ICT for Regional Revitalization [Meikei High School]
  1. Akira Nakatani, Ayana Morimoto and Fumiha Kai
    Utilizing Pokemon GO for Regional Revitalization. [PDF]

  2. Yoshikazu Takano, Hajime Watanabe and Shun Kawata
    Considering a convenient train diagram and station structure for Tsukuba Express, based on congestion and barrier-free measures. [PDF]

  3. Aoi Nakamura, Shusuke Kurokawa and Shuta Shibue
    Acute disease and its treatment in rural areas lacking medical care. [PDF]

Session 2: Education and Culture in Japan: Case Studies on SDGs [Takezono High School]
  1. Miku Iwasaki, Hayato Matsui and Koharu Takahashi
    Science City : Advanced Education Infrastructure in Tsukuba, Japan. [PDF]

  2. Mitsuki Yanagi, Maki Sawato, Mizuho Uchino and Mei Ishitsuka
    Career Guidance in Japanese High school Education : A Cross-Cultural Analysis. [PDF]

  3. Ayane Shinohara
    The Glass Ceiling Socioeconomic Barries Facing Women in Contemporary Japan. [PDF]

  4. Mirai Aizawa and Taro Usukura
    Growing the Past : Rejuvenation of Mountainside Farming Land through the Use of Traditional Agricultural practices. [PDF]