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Internship Program in Policy and Planning Sciences
Leader of Master's Program in Policy and Planning Sciences
Subject Number 01CN055 Units 2
Category MSE:Free Electively Subjects
Type Practice/Experiment Year 1st, 2nd
Class Hour
by appointment
Requirements for
the Internship
  1. First, each internship applicant has to consult a host organization and gets an approval of his/her research advisor. Next, the applicant has to fill in the application form (I-1) and submit it to the program leader. Note that it is necessary to have a contact between the host organization and the research advisor.
  2. Each internship applicant has to get the student casualty insurance and show its proof document to the research advisor when he/she gets an approval.
  3. The only applicants who have already obtained an acceptance from the program leader can register the course via TWINS. In case of difficulty of TWINS registration, the applicants can register in writing.
  4. Each student under internship has to write daily reports using the form (I-4). When the internship has been completed, the student must fill in the form (I-3) and obtain a comment from a mentor of the host organization.
  5. The student who took an internship has to submit the reports by filling out the forms (I-2, I-3, I-4) to the program leader after the completion of the internship as soon as possible.
  6. The credit of the internship is obtained at the end of the fall term. When a student takes an internship during a spring holiday, the registration and credit of the course are postponed to the next academic year.
  7. The form I-1, I-2, I-3, I-4 are downloadable from the following sites.
Download of
application and report
(Campus Only)

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