Department of Policy and Planning Sciences, Graduate School of University of Tsukuba


Position Associate Professor
Room 3F1241
Principal affiliation Division of Policy and Planning Sciences
Other affiliations Doctoral Program in Social Systems and Management
Master's Program in Social Systems Engineering
Master's Program in Business Administration and Public Policy
Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering: Policy and Planning Sciences
Research interests Decision-making
Cognitive psychology
Degree Ph.D.(Tokyo Institute of Technology, March 1999)
Education / Professional experience Education
-1990 Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science, Chiba University, JAPAN.
-1996 Master of Philosophy in Systems Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN.
-1999 Doctor of Philosophy in Human System Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN.

Professional experience
-1990-1992 Supreme Court of Japan
-2001-2003 Research Associates, Department of Human System Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN.
-2003-2013 Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba
-2013- Associate Professor
Courses taught Undergraduate:
-Behavioral Psychology and Economics
-Practice in Socio-Economic Systems
Master's Program
-Economic Psychology
Academic societies The Japanese Psychological Association
The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology
Jananese Cognitive Science Society
The Society for Risk Analysis Japan
The Japanese Society of Social Psychology
The Japan Association of Applied Psychology
Japanese Association of Industrial / Organizational Psychology
Japanese Society for Law and Psychology
Representative publications Ueichi, H., Kuriyama,N., Saito, T., & Kusumi, T. (2012).
   Effects of the Deliberate Decision-making Style on Career Decision-making Processes
   and Coping with Regret after High School.
   Psychologia: An International Journal of Psychological Sciences, 55, 28-44.
Ueichi, H., & Kusumi, T. (2009).
   Structural equation modeling of risk avoidance in everyday life,
   New Trends in Psychometrics: Universal Academic Press. pp. 491-500.
Ueichi, H., & Oishi, M. (2008).
   The effects of coping methods on guilt over a period of time,
   International Journal of Psychology Abstracts of the 29th International Congress of
   Psychology (ICP2008)(Berlin),43(3/4), 340.
Oda, Y., Kitazawa, M., & Ueichi, H. (2007).
   The construction of a model of skincare behavior in Japanese men by using structural
   equations, Abstracts of the 72nd Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society
   (IMPS 2007) (Tokyo),100.

Research projects 2007-2010 Decision-making processes for fear of crime
(Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) No. 19539553, Representative)
2003-2006 Effects of personality, cognition, affection, attitude, and information on avoidance behaviors of life risks in daily life
(Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) No. 15530398, Representative)
Guidelines for advisees Students who are interested in
1. Decision-Making
2. Cognitive Psychology
3. Emotion
are welcomed in my laboratory.


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