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Position Associate Professor
Room 3F1010
Principal affiliation Division of Policy and Planning Sciences
Other affiliations College of Policy and Planning Sciences
Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering: Policy and Planning Sciences
Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
Doctoral Program in Sustainable Environmental Studies
Research interests Environmental Psychology
Environmental Decision Making
Pro-Environmental Behavior
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies
Degree Ph.D. (Hiroshima University, 2005)
Education / Professional experience 2000.03 B.A. in International Relations (University of Tsukuba)
2005.03 Ph.D., Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University
2007.05 Research Fellow, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University (-2007.11)
2007.12 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University (-2008.09)
2008.10 Associate Professor, Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (-2011.03)
2011.04 Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba
2017.04 Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
Courses taught [Undergraduate]
Urban Environment Evaluation
Practice in Urban and Regional Planning
Practice in Social Survey
Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning

Introduction to Environmental Policy
Environmental Psychology
Academic societies Society of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies
Society of Environmental Sciences
Japan Society of International Development
Japan Psychological Association
Representative publications (1) Kaida, N., & Kaida, K. (2019). Positive associations of optimism–pessimism orientation with pro-environmental behavior and subjective well-being: a longitudinal study on quality of life and everyday behavior. Quality of Life Research, 1-10. Accepted August 10, 2019, online publication August 17, 2019.
(2) Pham, T. D., Kaida, N., Yoshino, K., Nguyen, X. H., Nguyen, H. T., & Bui, D. T. (2018). Willingness to pay for mangrove restoration in the context of climate change in the Cat Ba biosphere reserve, Vietnam. Ocean & coastal management, 163, 269-277.
(3) Kaida, K., & Kaida, N. (2017). Wake up for the environment: An association between sleepiness and pro-environmental behavior. Personality and Individual Differences, 104, 12-17.
(4) Kaida, N., & Kaida, K. (2016). Facilitating pro-environmental behavior: The role of pessimism and anthropocentric environmental values. Social Indicators Research, 126(3), 1243-1260.
(5) Kaida, N., & Miah, T. M. (2015). Rural-urban perspectives on impoverishment risks in development-induced involuntary resettlement in Bangladesh. Habitat International, 50, 73-79.
(6) Kaida, N., & Kaida, K. (2015). Spillover effect of congestion charging on pro-environmental behavior. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 17(3), 409-421.
Other activities
Research projects Environmental Awareness and Pro-Environmental Behaviour
Investigate economic and psychological incentives to facilitate pro-environmental behavior in the society through exploring the relationships between environmental awareness and behavior.

Economic Valuation of Environmental and Natural Resources
Evaluate economic values of environmental and natural resources with a focus on diverse services and functions of the resources.
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