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OKADA Yukihiko

 OKADA Yukihiko

Position Assistant Professor
Room 3F1031 (5090)
Laboratory 3F615 (5575)
Principal affiliation Division of Policy and Planning Sciences
Other affiliations College of Policy and Planning Sciences
Doctoral Program in Social Systems and Management
Master's Program in Social Systems Engineering
Master's Program in Business Administration and Public Policy
Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering: Policy and Planning Sciences
Research interests Management Accounting, Service Marketing & Management
Degree Ph.D. in Commerce and Management (2006/03 Hitotsubashi University, Japan)
Education / Professional experience Education;
2001/3 B.B., Yokohama National University, Japan.
2003/3 M.B., International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Yokohama National University, Japan.
2006/3 Ph.D. in Commerce and Management, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University, Japan.

2006/04-2006/10 Junior Fellow, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University, Japan.
2006/11- Assistant Professor, Gratuate Scool of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba, Japan.
Courses taught Undergraduate;
Workshop on Management
Strategic Thought in Social Engineering
Industry and Organizations of Service

Business Game
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Academic societies Japan Accounting Association
Japan Cost Accounting Association
Representative publications 1. Y. Okada and K. Arai [2009], A Future Direction of Service Cost Management Theory in Japan, Genkakeisan-Kenkyu, Vol.33/No.1, pp.54-63. (in Japanese)
2. Y. Okada [2008], History of Cost Accounting Theory in Service Organizations: The Contribution of Activity-Based Costing, Kaikei, 174/1, pp.101-116. (in Japanese)
3. Y. Okada [2007], A Model of Service Target Costing by the Deductive Approach, Frontier of Japanese Business Studies, No.3, pp.107-126, Yuhikaku. (in Japanese)
4. Y. Okada [2006], Cost Management Theory in Service Organizations, Ph.D. paper at Hitotsubashi University, pp.1-190. (in Japanese)
5. Y. Okada [2005], History and Future of Service Blueprinting, Ikkyoronso, 134/5, pp.179-205. (in Japanese)
Prize Best Education Award 2007 in Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering: Master's Program in Business Administration and Public Policy, University of Tsukuba
Other activity Education & Research Project;
Lecturer, Cost Accounting & Management for Services, Cost Accounting Course, The Japan Industrial Management & Accounting Institute.
Core Faculty, Creating the Rsearch Network for the Research and Education Center of Service Innovation, University of Tsukuba.
Chief of Database Construction, The Development Project of an Innovative Education Program; Service Science for the Customer-Oriented Business Innovation, MEXT Project in University of Tsukuba.
Committee, Introduction and development of cost accounting theory & practice in Japan, Japan Accounting Association.
Center Fellow, COE in Hitotsubashi University.

Karate Education;
Coach, Karate Team in Yokohama National University.
Councilor, Kanto Karate Association in Japanese Universities.
Coach, Guseikai Fujimoto Dojo.
Research projects My Task is an Innovation Action Research of the Service Target Costing for better Japanese Economy.
Guidelines for advisees Education Concept; No.1 Accounting Seminor in Japan


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